An Introduction

Right, so I’m Rujabes. This is my blog. Or, to be honest, like the fifth one I’ve started – the others, I just lost interest in.

Anyways, I write a lot of scathing, satirical, pop culture-critiquing stuff (I know, right? Like the internet isn’t filled to brim with the opinions of people wif noh spelchek and pointless opinions). A lot of humor-type stuff, yea? Lots of…basically just me hating on people. It’s fun for me.

It’s like my personal Dr. Phil

I used to post my writing on Facebook, tagging friends and enjoying their reactions. But then…it came to my attention that anything I post on there, I relinquish the rights to. Which means the several notes I wrote over the past two years or so don’t technically belong to me anymore. Needless to say, I was kinda pissed…

But then I chilled out and made a blog…so…there ya go.


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